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govindas-pure-vegetarianThe aim of Govindas Restaurant is to encourage tasty vegetarian eating for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike. It is well recognised and accepted that the vegetarian diet is extremely beneficial for one’s health, the environment and for your budget. As well as these practical benefits, the important ethics of a vegetarian diet cannot be denied.

The Krishna Conscious Philosophy is centred on improving the spiritual welfare of all living beings, both humans and animals. For this reason we don’t kill animals simply for the pleasure of eating them. In doing so we are creating pain and inconvenience for the animal, and are implicating ourselves heavily in the laws of karma. It is very difficult to make spiritual progress whilst consuming a non-vegetarian diet because the principle of ahimsa (nonviolence) is grossly being violated.

govindas burleigh headsThe food at Govindas Restaurant is also sanctified (or prasadam), that is food that has been specially cooked and offered in a spirit of devotion for the pleasure of Krishna. The cooks take care to maintain high personal standards of cleanliness and a spiritual, devotional atmosphere whilst cooking, which further enhances the taste and spiritual benefits of eating.

So not only is our food vegetarian and prasadam, it is also mostly organic as most of the produce used by Govindas Restaurant comes fresh and direct to from our New Govardhana farm.

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(11:00am – 8:30pm)

Govindas Restaurant

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