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The purpose of our menu is to encourage tasty vegetarian eating with both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. It is well recognised and accepted that the vegetarian diet is extremely beneficial for one’s health, the environment and your budget. As well as these benefits, the ethics of the vegetarian diet cannot be denied.

The Krishna Conscious Philosophy is centred on improving the spiritual welfare of all living beings, both humans and animals. For this reason we don’t kill animals simply for the pleasure of eating them. In doing so we are creating pain and inconvenience for the animal, and are implicating ourselves heavily in the laws of karma. Consequently it is very difficult for one to make spiritual progress whilst consuming a non-vegetarian diet as the principle of ahimsa (non-violence) are grossly violated.

Our Standard Menu

scented basmati rice, stir fried and seasoned with poppy seeds
($2 per serve)

a fresh compote of garden vegetables sauteed and covered in a lightly spiced, rich creamy ginger and coconut sauce
($5 per serve with rice)

crispy fried soft centered savoury smothered in a fragrant tomato and herb chutney
($5 per serve)

a succulent fruit pudding desert made from toasted semolina and dates.
($5 per serve)

a soothing blend of fresh ginger and lemon that thrills the heart
($4 per serve)

an aromatic,sweet spiced hot tea
($4 per serve)

($8 per serve)

The rice, vegetable curry, kofta balls and tomato chutney are all vegan as well
($12 per serve)

Our Full Menu


All foods served via fully biodegradable crushed sugar cane pulp plates and cups, and all our delicious meals are prepared with love from fresh whole foods. We are sure you’ll be back :o)

Prasadam (why sanctified food)

prasadamOur food is prasadam which means “the Lord’s mercy”, and is food that has been cooked in a spirit of devotion for the pleasure of God (or Krishna). Prasadam is our exchange of gratitude with the Divine and Supreme Personality of Godhead. We receive food as a gift from God and in return we prepare delicious meals to offer back to Him in appreciation. When Krishna accepts this gift it is considered prasadam – a blessing or grace which brings us into direct spiritual union with His Divine association.

We therefore take special care to maintain very high standards of personal and kitchen cleanliness, as well as a devotional atmosphere whilst preparing and cooking, which further enhances the taste and spiritual benefit of eating.

The tongue is very difficult to satisfy since it is always craving different kinds of foods and flavours. Due to these desires, we end up eating things that we shouldn’t, and sometimes in acquiring a particular taste, we go to great lengths such as killing innocent animals to satisfy the tongue. As a result we become further bound up in the material world through our eating choices and thus have to suffer the results through the laws of karma.

Prasadam is considered “karma-free” food since it is sanctified by God. Prasadam is prepared and offered to satisfy God and not to satisfy our senses. We purify ourselves by remembering that God supplies us everything and that we should aim to please Him instead of ourselves. In preparing and eating prasadam, we thank God for everything He has done for us and we pray that we will always remember Him.

In the Bhagavad-gita, Lord Krishna tells Arjuna:

“If one offers Me with love and devotion a leaf, a flower, fruit or water, I will accept it.”

When we prepare and offer food specifically for God, He eats the food but through His mercy leaves the transcendental remnants for us. Due to its auspicious nature, prasadam should be distributed to as many people as possible as sanctified food ignites a spiritual spark in the soul which will eventually reawakens one’s dormant love for God.

Vedic literature references many historical incidents where people have had the good fortune of partaking of prasadam, sometimes even by accident, and have had their lives made perfect as a result. It is believed that anyone who regularly partakes of it, will at the very least return as a human being in their next life.

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