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Our home base is near Mount Warning at a spiritual farm community called New Govardhana (Govardhana means a place where cows are protected), and where we cultivate and inspire people of all religions, nationalities and cultures in devotion to God, Krishna: God is one yet he has many names, just as the sun has different names in different parts of the world. According to the Vedas, God’s primary name is Krishna which means “the all attractive one“.

Everyone is looking for happiness! Ancient Vedic Scriptures tell us that God is the embodiment of Truth, Knowledge and Bliss (Sat-Cit-Ananda) and the true purpose of all religion (and yoga practice) is to link to the all blissful, all knowing Supreme Truth. By reconnecting with the Supreme Lord through devotional service, real happiness will be attained.

Our Founder Acharya Srila Prabhupada, taught that devotional service (bhakti yoga) is the best means of attaining pure consciousness and love of God in the current age of Kali Yuga. Disciples of Srila Prabhupada therefore established New Govardhana as a place where you can experience blissful service to God (Krishna).

Although devotees come from many different walks of life, they are able to achieve and maintain harmony by serving Lord Krishna and following His instructions, such as living simply, adhering to religious principles and, most importantly, chanting the Hare Krishna maha-mantra, or ‘great chant for deliverance’.

All of our programs, festivals and celebrations are focused on glorifying Krishna through singing, dancing, worship of the Lord (aroti), hearing about the Lord, discussing philosophy and honoring vegetarian prasadam (sanctified food that has been first offered to the Lord) together.

We believe in developing loving relationships, guiding, encouraging and inspiring each other in uplifting spiritual practices and in spreading the message of God, which simply stated is always singing and chanting God’s Holy Names:

hare krsna hare krsna krsna krsna hare hare
hare rama hare rama rama rama hare hare

New Govardhana is a great place to visit, from a few hours to a longer stay as desired. Here you will find all that is needed to be spiritually connected and happy. There are friendly devotees, comfortable accommodation, sanctified and delicious vegetarian food, and many contributing activities available, such as helping in the gardens or kitchens, making flower garlands and looking after Krishna’s cows. Krishna is the centre of New Govardhana. He is the focus of our meditation, our devotion and all our activities. All visitor and guests are welcome to take part.

We hold regular Sunday Feast Programs (from 3pm in Winter, and 4pm in Summer) and many festivals and spiritual celebrations throughout the year. To find out more about upcoming programs and festivals, please visit krishnafarm.net or call us on 02 6672 3047

We sincerely invite you to join us in any of our programs and festivals, and especially our regular Sunday Feast Program.

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New Govardana

New Govardhana, 525 Tyalgum Road, Eungella, NSW, 2484
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