By Vaisnavi devi dasi (Conch, Jan/Feb 2014)

woodford 2013Woodford – camping in the heat,long hours standing and serving out prasadam, sleep deprivation – one may ask why we voluntarily choose to do this. As aspiring devotees we understand that there is an unexplainable taste in serving
Krishna together.

So much planning and background work goes into this huge project – transportation, bhoga, manpower, sleeping facilities and setting up the Govindas tent. Ajita Prabhu took good care of his crew, supplying big fans for devotees to cool off while serving at the bain-marie and providing the ekadasi treat of curd steaks and subji.

Vijaya Prabhu distributed 320 Bhagavad-gitas from his table under the Govindas tent. Book distribution ki jaya! woodford 2013

One of the highlights of Woodford was the nightly parade of Lord Jagannatha, Lord Baladeva and Lady Subhadra at the Ratha-yatra festival. Gurukulis, dressed as gopas and gopis, (clothes courtesy of Bhakti and Sridama) and together all the devotees were in an enthusiastic and lively mood.

By the Lord’s mercy the crowd was inspired to participate by pulling the cart ropes.

large-setup13Devotees greeted the New Year with kirtana in front of the Deities. Our heartfelt gratitude goes to Ajita Prabhu and Krsna Gana Prabhu for facilitating the devotees in this service.

Devotees of all ages (Savitri the youngest) assisted the crew in distributing lassis and other drinks.

Aja, Dhani, Kamadeva, Kalki, Nila, Kalindi, Priya, Lalita, Rohini and Ariel were some of the younger devotees serving at Woodford. Serving at Woodford with the Govindas catering crew is an experience like no other.

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