By Damodara Pandita dasa & Maha Mantra dasa (Conch, July 2013)

eggplantIt is stated that Govardhana Hill is the greatest of Krishna’s devotees as He provides everything for the Lord’s pastimes. Govardhana Hill provides sweet pastures for the cows, trees full of delicious fruits and vegetables in abundance. The hills of Govardhana feed fresh creeks and rivers of crystal clear waters for drinking and all the Lord’s water pastimes.

Similarly, now we are seeing how the natural resources of New Govardhana are supplying us with so much. Srila Prabhupada wrote in a letter aboutNew Govardhana to “build with natural products”, and we are now seeing how much is being upplied to us from the farm’s natural resources.

Farm trees have been milled for building the bridge, brahmachari ashrama, goshala and all the fencing. Some of the houses, including Nandaraja’s and Gokula’s homes, are built from farm wood. All the cow shelters are also mainly built from farm timber.

  • Lovely pastures full of fresh grasses for all Krishna’s cows.
  • All our water is coming fresh from spring fed dams or pumped from underground streams.
  • Vegetables are in great supply, with ongoing supplies of greens, pumpkin, ginger and many other varieties.
  • Our farm quarries are providing road base and fill for all our construction and road needs.
  • All the rock constructions for the retainer and garden walls are built from farm rocks.
  • Most of the flowers that are offered to Their Lordships every day are grown here on New Govardhana.
  • Delicious mango trees and many other varieties are now bearing plenty of fresh fruits and nuts for the Deities’ offerings.
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