Grounded is Australia’s very first permaculture action party, a new way of merging sustainability and celebration. The inaugural event will take place in April 2016, on a private property with river frontage in the beautiful Brisbane Valley, South East Queensland.

The Grounded team aim to bring the ethics and practical tenets of permaculture to the forefront of transformational festivals. By harnessing the potential energy of community gatherings and channeling it into an event that will have not only long lasting cultural change, but physical change, Grounded shifts the paradigm from ‘leave no trace’, to ‘building the trace’ we want to create, essentially kick starting the future permaculture communities of tomorrow.

If the first pilot experiment is a success, Grounded will become a roving event moving to a new host site each time. A pre-requisite to become a host site to is to develop and adopt a permaculture master plan. The Grounded team then works with the site custodians to implement part of that plan by sourcing experts in their field to consult with advice, sharing that knowledge as practical workshops with participants and then throwing a tree planting party over the last few days to celebrate!

We’ve structured the first pilot event so there is 7 days of practical workshops covering; Earthworks & Mainframe Design, Appropriate Technologies, Native Bee Keeping, Organic Market Gardening, Food Forest Design, Bush Tucker, Native Re-Vegetation, Composting, Fermentation, Music & More! The 10 participants will camp and be hosted within the existing infrastructure on site, home of Beanstalk Records.

Then after the 7 days of workshops comes the real fun! During the three day action party we will be having music each night, planting trees and hosting workshops throughout the day, and eating tasty blessed Hare Krishna vegetarian food. We are aiming to plant 500 trees over the weekend with over half of those tree native. We will be planting out a food forest, lining the property with native hardwood rainforest timber trees, and doing some bush regen. While we don’t have the water or infrastructure to provide showers for people that attend the weekend event, the site does have frontage to the upper Brisbane River and participants will be able to swim.

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